Tuesday, June 30, 2009

201 am

It is 201 am and we now need to finish packing my studio. Finally the basement is done...I think the whole house is done.

After spending a year going through my art, I discovered much... mostly that I need to put it all aside (or in the trash) and start anew.


Anonymous said...

Not true, your work is AMAZING! It might look like a simple drawing to some people, but upon closer inspection, your Art has the ability to generate art in the BRAINS of others. It was your site, and your art, that INSPIRED me to pick up a pencil and brush, after years of thinking that I might never draw again. Don't change a thing!

Anonymous said...

Kim, The great thing about your present work is that it is so easy to store. It is still pleasurable and brings a daily smile to my face as well provoking me to think. Thank you. H.

jashbaug said...

I've thought the same thing when dealing with it is a hassle.

It is only old to you, most people haven't seen it and it is new work to them.

Keep packing, don't pack it in the trash, let time decide where it find it's resting place.