Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One nice thing about Costco is how easy it is to return what you don't like. I went through the house today and gathered up some recent purchases for return. In the pantry I found 5 cans each of salmon and tuna. The clerk didn't question me about the metal shelves or the water pitcher, but she asked about the fish. "I just couldn't eat them," I said, "I started thinking about how beautiful the fish are and I realized I couldn't eat them." "Are you a vegetarian," she asked. "Yes," I said.

Here's some neat links about fish for those that don't think they are beautiful creatures (I wouldn't eat a rat or raccoon either, though not because I like the way they look) or do think they are beautiful but like to eat them anyway:

OVERFISHING- pocket guide downloads and iphone app  sfw_recommendations.aspx

HEALTH- pesticides, DDT, PCBs, PBDEs, dioxin, mercury etc can be found in fish — especially farmed fish (Target has stopped carrying farmed salmon)

Environmental Working Group has some neat tools/calculators for cosmetics and fish etc. See right hand column for cumulative tuna and other high mercury fish calculator.

Some stick with "molecularly distilled" fish oil pills... or WILD Alaskan salmon from WFM and find that it's both healthier and more sustainable.

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