Monday, February 22, 2010


Here's my oldest friend, Francois... well, not exactly... but we were photo buddies in college and have kept in touch for over 40 years. One time he thought that I should be painting on top of better pictures than the ones I took... so he gave me his bad prints and I painted on them and then won an NEA photographer's fellowship. Another year, he got the same grant. We've had lots of fun together. We both have sons we are proud of, but he has two and I have one. He doesn't have a daughter. I have one I'm proud of too. As you see we are competitive sometimes.

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Linda LUISE BROWN said...

It's fun to see ole Francois with one of his friends. This is the boy whose sister Georgianne & I used to rollerskate around the block with--our backyards were adjacent. That was many years ago.
I like the comment about painting on his rejected photos.