Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Waiting and Mr. Obama

The 29 people in the focus group were disappointed...all but 2 of them. They didn't think he was telling things as they are (in Buddhist terms, as it is). He seemed younger than ever. And what a responsibility on his shoulders. I didn't like the times when he pitted America against others. I would like everyone to succeed. I've never understood the problem with someone making something somewhere else. They get paid in US dollars that they need to spend. Jeff will say that it costs people jobs. Yes, Jeff, but it get others jobs. It is prosperity that will trickle down, even if slowly.

On the home front, I expected to be married today. But alas, the Pony Express from Peoria to Austin must have gotten lost. Maybe our license will come tomorrow. In the meantime, we'll behave.


jashbaug said...

I didn't get to listen to Obama, will try later. Yes, Jeff would say that in proper context.

I see America following the course of British by sending the labor jobs out of the country and becoming a society of people who either serve or expect to be served. The colonies revolted and poof, it was all gone. I want America to produce as well as consume. I also believe most of the people in the world are the same, they want jobs, care for their families, and have a spot of fun.

The jobs I protest leaving are the ones lost that could stay here. Corporate powers seek to hoard every penny possible. In Biblical times the farmer was to allow the poor to gather the left over grain to survive...in our economy trickle down doesn't work because the fields are sucked bare before the poor have a chance to gather anything.

I'm done with my soap box. Hope you get married soon! Although, I would guess everyone that knows you both would say you were married with or without the train ticket!!!

Anonymous said...

that state of the union was great