Monday, November 17, 2008

Crooked Hypochondriac

So I'm at the local chiro-
practor (I'm skeptical) who was
voted best in Austin (2002) so
he sees how crooked I
am so he straightens me
out & wants xrays
so I insist on
MD qual-ity
rays &
(these panes are spring loaded 4 auto-adjusts BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE)
went to get those. Now at another doc.
who specializes in crooked hypocondriacs (sic) but he makes
me wait so I have time to draw.


Anonymous said...

No one can accuse you having idle hands. H.

Kim Mosley said...

So they are going to fax me over the reading of the x-ray. Maybe it will give me some fodder for today's drawing.

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