Friday, November 28, 2008


I sorted thru almost 50
yrs of art, see ing paths that
went no where & paths that
were "right." If only
I knew then what I hope
I know now!


Anonymous said...

Since we both like "The Stoner's Poems"

"Travis Moves to Savannah, GA"

On the occasion of his moving from our area
To the mysterious East
Savannah GA, that is,
I asked myself to try and capture something
Uncertain as I am of my abilities to capture anything
About Travis he is so large
The unique Travis
The ubiquitous Travis
The dependable Travis
The undependable Travis
The funny Travis
The exasperating Travis
The generous Travis
The annoying Travis
-- that guy.

I’ve been to Savannah and I am thinking
That may a good place for Travis.
Not all places would be good for Travis
A place has to be big enough for Travis
But not too big
Quirky enough for Travis
And probably could not be too quirky.
Savannah, for example,
The Savannah I know
Is as quirky a place as I have been in the southern
United States
And I think Travis might take his place
Along a community of other half-mad
Sometimes crazy but still civilized
Citizens of that historic city.

The Savannah I know is the site of one of the first
Settlements of Spanish speaking Jews
In North America
A sweltering hanging gardens
The Savannah I know is loaded with
Drunks former and present
Cross dressers
Southern eccentrics
Ghosts and madmen
Voodoo priests and shamans.

Savannah was basically founded
To serve as a dumping ground for English thieves
And criminals.

I’m confident Travis
Will fit in fine.

jsg, usa

Anonymous said...

Think about the revisions in 50 years hence. H.

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