Saturday, March 8, 2008

U Beter Run II

My friend was irritated
that I didn't provide
a context for yesterday's
(I've since altered the image a little and added a little of the context. Below is a further explanation, written in a moment of weakness.)

Flipping through channels
yesterday, a woman blurted
out "you better run."

I was struck with the
multitude of meanings,
from "I have a gun
on you and if you don't move
I'll shoot" to a "note
of encouragement"
to a couch potato.

Suppose, on the other hand,
that she was talking to
her clock, ready to toss
it in the trash.

Or maybe her statement
to a feeling I have of needing
to explore a new world.

Then there are a variety
of possible readings
to my alterego's
response, "go where?"
I'm not sure that one place
is different than another.
If two places are ever changing
the "same" isn't possible, but
I'm not sure "different" is
possible either. Both places
are not only part of the same thing
(i.e. life) but are in the same
quandary of impermanence.

By the time I moved 3 or 4 times
I realized that most
places emulate one another,
and what I experience is because
of me, not the place. So "go
where?" really is saying,
"is it possible to go anywhere
but where you are?"

You asked . . .

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