Friday, October 15, 2010

Please respond!

Last week I mentioned a few moral dilemmas. One was the bystander who could save five lives by throwing one man onto some tracks.

I remember that.

Did the man object?

He didn't have time. The trolley hit him, and stopped.

So are we now done with moral dilemmas.

Yes. I started to realize that the heart is more important than the action.

That's dumb.

Probably. I keep thinking about eating a dumb piece of celery. It is one thing to eat it with disregard. And another to eat it with thanks. So eating it is not the point. Thanking it is.

So is that why you woke me up?

No. I wanted to say something else.

Is that why you wait just long enough before talking that I fall asleep again?

Look. If I dribble, you complain. And if I take time to think, you complain. Maybe we ought to call it quits?

Oh, I'm up now. What do you want to say?

Well, I'll sometimes meet someone and they'll say that they've been reading my blog for years and that they've enjoyed it... but they've never commented.

Well, what's wrong with that?

It kind of makes a lonely world. It is like not telling the celery that you appreciate her gift to you.

Celery is dead. What does it matter?

It does. But I'm now talking about people responding. I'm telling you how I'd like to get on my knees and tell them... "I'd love to hear what you are thinking. I don't know what is going on in your head." And if they are one of the responders... that I appreciate that beyond anything... and if, in the end, they really want to be silent, I appreciate that too. Even if they just put "like" or "dislike" in FB... that is helpful.

Ok, is that it for today.

Yea. (pause) Oh... today I hope to pass 20,000 hits on this blog.

Is that it?

(pause)... Yes.


Kate Freeman said...

I have often wondered if you think, “I wish this Kate would stop posting on my blog.” But then I think, “Meh. It’s his fault if he doesn’t ask me to stop.”

I appreciate your blog. It’s a welcome distraction from my job and you make me think.

Kim Mosley said...


At one point there were comments from "Kate" with no last name... and I didn't know what Kate it was (I know a few). Sometimes I'd think it was one, and then another, and then you started either commenting or using your last name. In any case, I certainly appreciate your comments. I'm now imagining the miners, 17 days in the dark. How would it have been if someone would say something and no one responded?

Kate Freeman said...

Some of those Kates were not me. I'm pretty sure all my posts have my full name for that very reason.

Jessica Hentoff said...

Sometimes people don't respond because they read but it takes time for the response thoughts to flow through their filters and then they are on another page or in another place.

I thank you often for the physical place where I am. Almost every day. Most especially when I see something new---- which has happened twice already today.

With Appreciation,

Kim Mosley said...

That makes sense. One of the Kate's went to the Thai temple in Florissant. I assume that wasn't you. I haven't heard from her lately. Another Kate works for Maryville. She sometimes emails me... but I guess she doesn't comment otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What is FB? I have never tried to determine the sex of celery. If I did, I might have to give it a name. H.

Kate Freeman said...

I am the Thai temple Kate. I haven’t been there in over a year or so though. We met at the Zen writer’s group in Webster Groves.

Kim Mosley said...

FB=FaceBook. I don't think we want to determine celery's sex, or orientation. It might make a problem for the military.

Kim Mosley said...

Oh... that's what I thought... I don't think your early comments had your last name. Now life makes sense!


Kate Freeman said...

Tis possible and I am sorry for the confusion. But I have indeed seen a few posts where one types Kate at the bottom of a post and I was not the Kate that typed those posts. So you do in fact have more than one Kate posting on your blog. Just so you know. It does make me feel better knowing that if I continue to use my full name this will lessen confusion.

So anyway, looking forward to your next post.

Head Ov Metal said...

Is the celery dead (or dying)?

I read that grass screams when you cut it.

That makes me very sad.

sheila said...

I'm glad you asked to "please respond" because I like to connect with you & I admire folks who ask for what they want! For awhile I responded but was not sure if the comments got posted. Lately I've just been too busy with many things to open the blog & to look up my user name & password. Anyway I miss you & would love to be in another reading group with you.

Kim Mosley said...

Sheila... all the comments are posted. I miss you too.

Kim Mosley said...

All I feel is that the celery was "doing its thing" and then it became food. It waits in the fridge for my next meal. I shouldn't take it for granted, but appreciate its gift. Perhaps "dead" or "dying" are questions for a biologist. What do you think?

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