Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jumping In

Yesterday at the pool there was a 17 month old girl with goggles who jumped into the water over and over again, tiring her poor mother out. Today Jasper decided he was not to be outdone, so he jumped in over and over again too. It was a great day, except Eric hurt his ankle, Josh lost the keys (and finally found them), Kim's iphone got very sick (and he lost stuff on it). Oh, why was it a great day??? because it was Jasper's 3 year old birthday, and we all got to celebrate it with him.

My brother-in-law is a journalist always looking for the unusual. I'm more struck by the usual. He thinks I'm silly wishing for a newspaper that would report on small ordinary events... like Jasper jumping off the couch to show his family what he so bravely did at the pool.

Here's breakfast with the gang at our favorite local dive. Great food, and we had the whole side porch to ourselves.

Jasper got a telescope for his birthday. It came from a garage sale and he loved it. The people who sold it said they had also gotten it from a garage sale.

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Anonymous said...

The event looked wonderful, but I thought Jasper's B-D is tomorrow. I guess the celebrating was in anticipation.

I was touched by the beauty of the multi generational celebration. H.

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