Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Weather

I've often wondered if we could all agree on the weather. Imagine if we could build a dome over the earth (or have we already done that?) and we could control the weather. Could we decide on a temperature and a humidity? Kind of reminds me of the three bears tasting the soup. Though one bear, at least, found just the right temperature soup. Imagine the debate. The skiers want snow, the surfers want warmth, the birds, the bees, and on and on. It might lead to WWIII! (Thanks to Bea for the original photo taken from her window.)


Anonymous said...

wow..that was QUICK Kim! Looks great. Bea

Anonymous said...

I vote for 74 degrees and moderately high humidity. H.

Paula Gable said...

I want county-by-county individual weather zoning that only I can control :-). P