Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Hitched

Last night at Mother's (our favorite veggie restaurant slowly not becoming our favorite) we were talking about whether we should eliminate weddings and just have civil unions between any two (or more?) people (or even between a person and their pet(s)). Linda suggested that churches could do weddings, but the state would just do civil unions. I agreed (which doesn't make a great conversation, does it?). I'm taking a course in improv comedy and we are learning that agreement is essential to good dialogue. I am more prone to disagree that must come from get bored too quickly (or maybe it is just that I hear the beat of a different drummer). I remember a friend telling me in college "if two people think the same thing there is only need for one of them" (she's still a friend).

In any case, with my daughter getting engaged, I started wondering (outloud) why do people get married anyway? It seems curious that we seem to be hardwired to go along certain paths, some of which are not always that easy. We grow up thinking we'll go to college, get a career, get married, have kids, see the kids get married, and say "congratulations."

Why? Why don't we say "congratulations" to someone who decides to live on the street? Why do we believe that there is but one path. Is there only one way to live life, and if you don't follow that path then something is wrong with you?

As I looked around the restaurant, I started to see everyone being driven by their primal needs and desires. They were eating (hopefully because they were hungry), they were going to the restroom (supposedly to eliminate), they were dressed attractively (perhaps to sexually titillate others), and they were talking (perhaps in anticipation of some sexual union). And then there is the exchange of food for money (what is that about?).

What is all this about?

It is so interesting that we haven't progressed much from the first humans on earth. Our technology provides countless comforts and conveniences. But what is really different?

Just wondering...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. So interesting. I've been thinking a lot about this lately. More from the aspect of why I didn't follow some of those paths.


Anonymous said...

Mazel Tov to all of the Mosleys! (One is not to congratulate the bride-to-be) according to Emily Post, but then who mad her the authority?

The answer to your question is that our forebears did not have hardwood floors in their caves. H.

Barbara said...

Improv comedy! Now that's a new and (to me, at least) unexpected path for you...

Phil and Paula Gable said...

A civil union between owner and pet? What would be the basis of the "legal contract" if the animal is not capable of entering into it as a willing, conscious, voluntary partner(s)? That's why minors have in adult custody, just as pets are, in a way. Just a thought.

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