Friday, November 5, 2021

Can I be any clearer? he asked.

Why Be Clearer?

Diaspora, Dispia, Display
Dharm means Dharma
the words grab me, suck the energy
out of blues and red and the tan goldof th print

KimtheCamera looking through the lens
years of it and talking about it
his fingers know and his mindand his eye

Facebook and audiofile and tapereels
fighting with dharmagates

it-in it-in all of our relations
in and against, it and you and they
part of and all of separate and one

fragments and influences layered
and overridden hidden and displayed

a. boundary likea cell an entity
an inner boundary a heap a
stapled togetherelectric frag frazzle

wordless color rising
black silent inside and beyond

You are Year Yar

Sarah Webb

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I told my grandson Charlie what my teacher told me 60 years ago... that a work of art is finished when none of the original idea remains. So...