Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Bed of Rocks

I'm not sure what a rock
can see, nestled in a bed
of sister and brother

There isn't the option
of deciding to jump on
a bus and take off to
the west or the east.

Though, inadvertently,
the bus might pick up
the rock in his tire
and take her to some
unknown place, to
find a distant
bed of rocks.

We had a dog who
was called to separate
certain rocks from
their neighbors.

She would spend countless
hours picking up this
rock and that, dropping
certain chosen ones into
a new pile.

Though we tried,
we could never understand
her methodology, but
believed there was
a method to her madness.

When her back was
turned, however,
we returned the rocks
to their next of kin,
only to watch the
dog patiently extract them
once again
from their families.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was giving them their first step of the journey, the journey beeing the destination, and releasing them from their captors control.

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