Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Minute Early

Woke up very early. Decided I was tired, so went back to sleep. I dreamt that I saved my sister who had put on a bathing suit and drowned herself in the bathtub.

Later in the morning talked to the guy who was putting some new parts on my wife's pottery wheel. Then we gave him lots of stuff--wood, welding equipment, shelves, etc.

I had an appt. on the other side of town. Went in what seemed to be plenty of time, but there was lots of rain and traffic. Just made it by a minute. Lots of impatient waiting for lights to change...and to stay changed long enough so that I could get through the multitude of intersections.

Then a nice dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, reading the paper about the crazed woman who runs the public radio station.

After which a trip to the library to see a high school art exhibit and check email.

In the evening went to meditate with a group of people, followed with a Quaker-like discussion on a variety of topics.

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