Monday, February 16, 2009

Leaf Rustling Down Driveway

Today I got hearing aids
and was chased by a lea-
f rustling down the bla-
ck driveway. And today
dear ones left the earth.
I'm not sure if my ears
waking & others leaving ear-
th is connected. We'll see.







Anonymous said...

Its that Texas LSD they put in your ears. H.

Kim Mosley said...

I hear that everything is big in Texas... so I suspect the LSD would follow suit. These things are really small. They fit inside the ear drum with a nylon string to pull them out.

I'm taking a break until tonight since I'm going to be drilled all afternoon at the dentist. Two valiums and an ipod should make it tolerable. And I think I can take a third valium when I get there.

Kim Mosley said...

Ella Fitzgerald will be my muse for the afternoon. What a luxury!

Art Saint Louis said...

As my mom says that I say: Everything is connected.
You are so funny, kind & thoughtful, Kim! Thanks for thinking of me. Always love what you write & draw.

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