Thursday, September 30, 2010

So I ask again, what might be the compassionate response to this very special buddha?

This guy has been going into people's driveways at night and checking their inspection sticker and license tag to see if they are up to date. When they are not, he scrawls on their windshield, "I don't care if you are broke don't drive if u are! Don't be a bitch get it
fixed. I can't believe u can drive illegal!! If ur going to own it get it
inspected or I'll get it towed."

He's being called a "creep, weirdo, and idiot."

I asked our neighbor e-list if there might be a compassionate response that we might make.

When we lash out it feels that we are perpetuating anger.

Which reminds me of the story of Job, who lost everything but still had faith. This man may have lost his faith as well.

Then there is the Buddhist description of the odds of being born human. "The likelihood of a half-blind turtle, rising from the depths of the ocean to the surface once in a hundred years, putting its head through the hole in the yoke is considered greater than that of a being in saṃsāra achieving rebirth as a human." That's how special is each person. It would take more than a creep, weirdo, and idiot to achieve such an accomplishment. We should bow to them.

So are we talking about sin here? Is this man a sinner, trying to right the sins of those who don't follow the law?

So I ask again, what might be the compassionate response to this very special buddha?


Kate Freeman said...

That’s a lot of words
Written on the car windshield
Just before sunrise

What a character
Keeps the world safe from boredom
Laugh hysterically

Give him a new name
Expired Plates Avenger
Make several fliers
Offer a zillion dollar reward
For pics to post on Facebook

Bait him. Lie in wait.
With a hose and a camera
Post pics to Facebook

Encourage craziness
Like reality TV
Make documentary
Follow him on his nights out
Be sure to post to You-Tube

Don’t let him top you
Beat his high windshield word count
Leave him a special note

Special windshield note reads
I have an illegal car
Big fat mother f%*king deal
You write on cars in darkness
You will end up on Facebook

Kate Freeman said...

Mr. Kim. . . LOL . . . I just read your post on Facebook. I like you because you just made me laugh good. For the second time tonight.

I just think you should know that if some guy honked at me at the intersection and then started tailing me, I would have driven strait to the police station. If you would have followed me in there, I would have told the policemen that you were some road-rage-freak obviously up to no good.

Kim Mosley said...

Kate, beautiful poem... I sent it to our neighborhood e-list. Thanks! I gave you credit.

Anonymous said...

compassion? Is that the answer to everything? Was that the what the VT, Columbine, and other shooters needed as well?

Anonymous said...

What do South Americans have against your blog?

Anonymous said...

You ask, "Is this man a sinner, trying to right the sins of those who don't follow the law?" To get the facts straight, it is NOT illegal to park YOUR car on YOUR property with an expired sticker. It IS illegal to trespass and harm private property as this guy is doing. His language is ugly and actions disrespectful. The compassionate response is to wake him up to the error of his ways so he doesn't continue to live a deluded life. It is a disservice to everyone to give his actions even an ounce of credibility.

Kim Mosley said...

Is this vigilanti just replicating his government's war efforts?

Who's in the world?

Xiushan said, "What can you do about the world?" Dizang said, "What do you call the world?"