Sunday, January 3, 2016

Tragedy vs. Misery

Another resolution was to cut my number of credit cards in half. That would leave me more than 10. So I called Discover, and they offered me $100 if I spend $1000 in three months. I said “yes.” Yes, a sucker is born every day.

One of the benefits of being sick is that you lose a little weight. I was going to go to Weight Watchers and renew my lifetime membership, but I'd get in trouble with Linda. As it is, I'm going to sneak out twice today... one more than allowed. (And ended up just sneaking out once.)

I loved this quote by D.H. Lawrence, “Tragedy, ought to be a great kick at misery.”

I guess it would be like pinching someone who is depressed. Misery is looking inward and tragedy is looking outward.

So tomorrow... the next day in this saga... a few more kale tamales... a few more pills... a massage... make a smoothie with all the scraps of veges...

Good night.


Anonymous said...

Kim my new phone will open your blog, finally! Why would a lifetime membership have to be renewed? I mean, you paid to be a member for life right? Simplify, simplify...have you ever read, "Zen and Japanese Culture" by D.T.Suzuki? I think you would like it. Sorry to hear you've been sick. When are you going to Tassahara for a practice period. Please give my regards to Kosho. Maybe you can tell him my life has cleared up a lot now in terms of painful relationships. Gassho, Kim Rinshin...

Kim Mosley said...

You become a lifetime Weight Watcher if you meet your goal... but you are temporarily suspended if you don't weigh-in every month. Then I think you have to pay for one meeting... weigh-in... and if you are still "good" then you become restored. Funny?

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