Saturday, November 3, 2007


Libraries used to be quiet places
where people read books.
Books are not quiet, though.

They speak directly to our
brains and souls.

Now, people talk in libraries,
huddled around a row of computers.
Or they talk on their cell phones,

oblivious to that very personal
tête-à-tête between a book and its reader.

Someday the books may leave to
be recycled into paper towels
and newspapers. The talking will
also leave as the sound waves
dissipate into the ether.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Librarians may weep and pine
when people rush unaware into this
sacred place seemingly unable
to recognize the value of gifts offered.

Yet librarians still smile and sing
when a real reader enters
with pure intent and intention.

Libraries can still be quiet places
when the reader holds a book and knows
how to shut out modernity
to go inside where the real "talking" begins.

Joshua, 1980