Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mu From the Dog's Mouth

Q: Does a dog have Buddha nature?
A: Mu

I asked my son whether he had a name for his new son, born today (5/16/09, 6:45 am). "No," he said. "How about the Japanese name for 'no,' 'mu,'? I asked. "No," he said.

The Mu koan is as follows: A monk asked Zhaozhou, a Chinese Zen master (known as Jōshū in Japanese): "Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?", Zhaozhou answered: "Wú" (in Japanese, Mu).

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jashbaug said...

Congratulations! Have you thought of naming your grandson for your relationship with him?

Anonymous said...

I thought Joshua & Sarah had a girl? H,

Anonymous said...

Q Does a cow have a Buddha nature?
A ;}

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