Sunday, December 20, 2009

Simplistic and Making People

He thinks that my effort to simplify Zen to the idea of awakening (not really my idea) is simplistic... which I'm sure it is, especially compared to the Tibetan Buddhism that he practiced (s?). I do have a love for simplistic ideas, especially after reading that Bertrand Russell said you should be able to explain anything to a ten year old. I found a lot a college professors who did not agree with that.

On another front, a man is furious with me because I disagree with his idea that we should "make people (good)." The idea scares the daylights out of me. Hitler had a similar idea, all with good intentions. I'd much rather help at providing opportunities, and then let people discover their own paths.

Now back to the painting that is almost finished. Each night I show it to my wife and she says, "how come you are showing me the same painting every night." I try to tell her it is better today than it was yesterday. But only the hairdresser knows the difference.

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Paula Gable said...

What. No sketch? Dang. I missed it.!

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