Sunday, January 24, 2010


My wife and I demolished a closet that was in the corner of the garage. The success is that we didn't get hurt... not even a splinter, though the wall got some nasty dents. Tomorrow will be repair day, with a paint day following that.

More interesting is where did the closet go. We might say, "I put my clothes in the closet." Then the closet disappears. Where did it go? Some of the frame went into our neighbor's garbage can (he's out of town, though might be reading this). Some of it will go in the attic for future projects. But the closet... vanished. Apparently.

Now, more interesting is where do we go when our frame disappears? Do we simply vanish too? Are we anything but a frame around hot air?


jashbaug said...

Is it possible the closet was never there in the first place? That the space was being held hostage by the walls?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful combination of text andimage! H.

Anonymous said...

The closet is still there through your relationship to it.

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