Thursday, January 8, 2009


Searching for Clarity

I was ready to go to "sit" when
my glasses broke--a screw fell
out. Unable to see, and all alone,
I found the screw by feeling around
in my shoe (I didn't hear it hit the
floor (and I don't have cuffs)). I
tried to put the screw back using a
magnifying glass but I still could not
see well enough. Finally I remembered that
my wife had an old pair of glasses, so
I went to get those and was able to see
well enough to put the screw back in.

But I never wanted to have to tighten that
screw again, so I gave it one more half
turn, stripping the threads and causing
the screw to come out. I finally fixed
the glasses with a piece of nerdy looking
duct tape.

On my way to "sit," I stopped at the
local optician for a quick repair job.
They referred me to a shop that only
repairs glasses. The good news was that
it was next to one of my favorite Thai
restaurants. Tomorrow I'll get a new
screw, a bigger tapped hole...
and a great meal.


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Anonymous said...

Inspiring! H.

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