Monday, April 18, 2011

It was not sample time.

Today I went back to Central Market, this time to hear a wonderful Zen drum concert. But I was also assigned the task of getting some food for dinner, so I went to the cheese bar for some "samples."

Back to the concert, I sat next to a very chic old lady who was eating cheese and drinking wine. Her cheese had a thick rind on it, and was dried up on the edge a little. So she didn't eat that. How I wanted to say, "would you like me to help you with the cheese." But no, I contained my passion and left her cheese for the mice.

Anyway, as I walked to the cheese bar I thought, what would it be like to deprive myself of any free samples. But no, I thought, I was already deprived of that woman's dried cheese rind, so I deserve a free sample.

When I got to the cheese bar, I saw that they did have free samples, but pieces about the size of a broken pencil lead... ok... maybe a little larger. Anyway, I ate two and they were delicious.

Then I went to the bakery. They always have samples. I decided I would only sample dark bread, eyeing a bag in front of the loafs of bread. When I got there, I noticed the bag had some scraps of bread but no tongs. I soon found some tongs in another bag and then had a handful of scraps.

All in all, is was not sample time.

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Kim, Its Passover! H.

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