Friday, July 31, 2009

Not one of those days.

So I was going to do some stuff with my daughter and wife pretty early... so I woke up super early (for going to bed at midnight) and walked my hour walk. Yesterday I whistled while I walked. Today I was too tired. I saw this gravestone celebrating the planting of this great pecan tree. 1927 is my favorite year. Lindbergh flew the Atlantic, Babe hit 60 home runs, Nellie Fox was born. And the list goes on and on. Even Erma Bombeck was born. And to come back to the tree, Max Ernst painted "The Wood" during that same year.

At 5pm we went to my daughter's house to pick her up for dinner. I thought it was strange that she asked to have dinner with us on Friday and Saturday night. She never wants to have dinner with us two nights in a row. When we got there, she wheeled out a suitcase onto her front porch... and voila, our grandson appeared from inside the suitcase. Not only had my son and his family come from Phili, but my sister and her husband from Los Angeles came, all to celebrate our 40th anniversary (actually it is 8/4). This is a very special day.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Mosleys on 40 years of marriage and a lives successfully lived!

The picture of the dinner table looks a trifle spare for such a gala occaision. H.

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