Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feeling Ideas

Can you be an
artist without
the blues?

Does art
need to
provoke emotion
or are ideas
good enough?

Will a fine idea
produce feelings?

Are ideas
and feeling


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that all art is created when the artist feels emotion. A lot of ideas are intellectual without emotion. I can imagine that a lot of art is created without emotion, only an idea. And a lot of times someone will view that art and feel emotion......but it will be the viewer, not the artist. Gail

Anonymous said...

sometimes 'art' is created because a person wants to make money. sometimes 'art' is perceptual in nature on a limited basis. sometimes one man's 'art' is another man's trash.

Anonymous said...

Art should provoke some emotion: awe, appreciation, satisfaction, anger, disgust- something to connect to.

That connection is what makes art, art, and not a common necessity. Art is a luxury, no matter its fiscal worth.

"A lot of ideas are intellectual without emotion." Are ideas themselves art or are what they influence and inspire art? Fractals are ideas made into equations made into computer generated images many people would call art.

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