Sunday, January 27, 2008


Thinking about moving
is always a weaving of
sorrow and excitement.

A new life, augmented
by memories of the last
one, becomes a sort of reincarnation.

Early on, I discovered
that all places were the
same in that our reflection
is the same, no matter
where the mirror is hanging out.

Today we sold one piece
of furniture and loaded it into a van.
It has been part of our life
for many years and its place
is already taken by another piece.

Are we cold and ruthless to let go
of so much before our spaceship launches?


Anonymous said...

I don't think we are cold and ruthless to get rid of stuff before our spaceship launches. Getting rid of stuff is to have to acknowledge and feel loss.....and seems that the more we get used to that feeling and live with it, the better we can "do" aging. Holding on to things is to not have to acknowledge loss.....Gail

Anonymous said...

belongings are just objects that fill a space or perform a function. they can easily be given away or replaced. but friendships which become engrained in our being are much harder to let go of..i know when your spaceship launches and you are off on a new adventure, those of us still here will miss what is now gone.

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