Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Nothing Day

Yesterday I wondered
if I had a hole in
my brain and today
I look out my window
and see nothing.

Almost nothing.
The sleepy logs are sitting
quietly on their
dark shadows.

The branch with
leaves is playing
possum, occasionally fluttering
like a kid who can't
stop giggling no matter how
hard he tries.

Just when I'm convinced
that the entire world
is brown and green,
three bright yellow school
buses pass by,
reminding me that
even a dreary day
is full of surprises.


Anonymous said...

I like this poem. Even a dreary day is full of surprises (but you have to be looking like you did.
Having a puppy speeds up the process of surprises. Every minute there is another surprise.....not only isn't a nothing day but there isn't a nothing minute! Gail

Anonymous said...

I liked this poem also. Sometimes the world does look as if everything has slowed down and came to a halt.
Hi Kim, it's Linda Tippett

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