Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Inlaws, Republicans, and Insurance Profits

My in-laws, whom I love dearly, are Republicans, with a capital "R." I asked my wife's mother if she'd vote for either of my kids, if they were running for President on the Democratic ticket. "I vote Republican," was the answer. She really loves our kids, but is unwavering in her support of the Republican party.

I remember that my dad voted once for the candidate who did not represent the majority in the Senate and House. I asked him why, and he said that he thought less harm would be done if the president was totally ineffective. What would happen if every time we asked for help we got a busy signal? It would be interesting to see what alternative services would arise.

One of yesterday's commenters to this blog mentioned the obscene profits of insurance companies. So I decided that I'd look into it. Here's one blog that indicates that, compared with a number of other industries, their profits aren't that obscene.


Unknown said...

Sorry, but I will have to digress from the subject at hand and say I LOVE this piece of Art you created!! Is that a scarf around Thine neck or something more Spiritual in nature?

Kim Mosley said...


What is more spiritual than a soft scarf around one's neck on a cold morning? I don't think it is "either/or."

I'm glad you like it. I made it for a book that the Friends of Taiwan is doing. They wanted a picture of me.


I told my grandson Charlie what my teacher told me 60 years ago... that a work of art is finished when none of the original idea remains. So...