Monday, October 18, 2010

The Middle Way

K=Kim, L=Linda

K: Grrrrr....

L: Grey?

K: Grey nothing. I'm mad.

L: Why?

K: No one thinks the right things.

L: Grey.

K: What is this grey thing?

L: You said "Grrrrr...."

K: That's because I was pissed.

L: What about?

K: For starters, tax.

L: What's wrong with tax? You put money in the kitty and then you get to share the pizza.

K: But I don't want pizza, and besides, I don't like cats.

L: Cats???

K: A joke... you said "put money in the kitty."

L: Ha Ha.

K: So Grey?

L: Yes, it's the middle way.

K: What do ya mean?

L: Look at tax differently.

K: Ya want me to stand on my head. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

L: Who taught you that?

K: I don't know. Maybe the Bible.

L: You never read the bible. If you had, I would have never married you.

K: So what's this about grey?

L: Just realize that all these opinions are neither right nor wrong.

K: Taxes are wrong.

L: No, they do good things and they do bad things.

K: How can that be?

L: Grey. Everything is a shade of grey.

K: Oh!


Anonymous said...

Deep down you must be a liberal, you invariably look at the other side of the coin. H.

Kim Mosley said...

That sounds like a judgement about conservatives (a.k.a. 19th century liberals). We might want to even question the assumption that the coin has only two sides.

jashbaug said...

In order to have grey there must be black and white!

Joshua, 1980