Sunday, October 31, 2010


B=Boss, M=Me

B: I need to talk to you about your production.

M: Yea, boss. I knew you'd be proud.

B: Proud. You are as close to being fired as they get.

M: Fired. I've been making ducks like you wouldn't believe.

B: You don't even know what production is.

M: Yea, Boss, it PROvides DUCks to the world, and I have been faithfully doing that.

B: And I have warehouses filled with them. The world is saturated with ducks.

M: But do they have duck smart phones and duck sex toys?

B: When I go on my sales trips, I step out of my car and I see a "closed" sign appear on the door of every store. Right in front of my eyes. The sign goes on and the lights go out.

M: What is it that you want me to make?

B: Anything but ducks.

M: Ok, how about geese?

B: That's a leap.

M: Farther than more ducks.

B: Yea.

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Anonymous said...

1. the production of washing machines: manufacture, making, construction, building, fabrication, assembly, creation; mass-production.
2 the production of literary works: creation, origination, fashioning; composition, writing.
3 literary productions: work, opus, creation; publication, composition, piece; work of art, painting, picture; Law intellectual property.
4 agricultural production: output, yield; productivity.
5 admission only on production of a ticket: presentation, proffering, showing.
6 a theater production: performance, staging, presentation, show, piece, play. Which definition fits? H.

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