Thursday, October 28, 2010

So what's wrong...

So what's wrong with a benevolent dictator? I'm not advocating such a thing but realize that most governments are a dictatorship, especially if you include families and businesses. And they are all benevolent. Just ask them!

Some argue that I should vote because if I didn't, no one would. Yet that isn't the case, is it? If someone is drowning in shark infested waters I don't need to jump in for the man to be saved. But someone does.

Which brings me back to the credit card dilemma. What is wrong with just paying the minimum? Imagine that the credit card had an unlimited cap and the death tax is 100%.. and one's heirs are not responsible for their debts. Why am I better off paying the minimum rather than the full amount. Yes, die with as much debt as possible. Isn't that what Uncle Sam does? Fortunately or unfortunately all my assumptions are unfounded.


Kate Freeman said...

Well aren’t you the optimist this morning.

Politics will make you nuts
Ruin relationships real quick
Politics makes people crazy nuts
Ruins relationships real quick
People bickering over abstract non-sense
Ain’t no such thing as realpolitik

Stupid attack ad on the TV
My opponent is a dumb ass
Another attack ad on the TV
Why vote for a low life ass?
I’m so moral and upstanding
And my house is made of glass.

If most of us do not vote
Does that mean Nobody wins?
If the majority doesn’t vote
Then that means Nobody wins
Nobody for president
A candidate I can believe in

Election time blues
I have to caste a vote
Election time blues
It’s time for me to vote
I have got to decided on
What kind of society I want to promote

Anonymous said...

"Isn't that what Uncle Sam does?" Wow, that was tricky! Uncle Milty lives. H.

Joshua, 1980