Saturday, October 16, 2010

Robin Hood Cures Disparity

L=Linda, K=Kim

L: I'm going to get a baseball bat.

K: But I gave away my gloves.

L: No, silly, it is for you.

K: I don't want one.

L: No, silly, it is for YOU.

K: You already said that.

L: I'm going to bop you on the head when you can't sleep.

K: Take things into your own hands?

L: It is survival of the fittest, you know.

K: Now that we are both up, I want to talk to you about something.

L: Nothing serious, I hope.

K: It is about the villains who want to save society.

L: Yes, like Robin Hood?

K: For starters, he'll do. What is the difference between what he does and what the government is considering, i.e. raising the taxes for the rich?

L: We didn't vote for him.

K: So everything is ok if we vote for it, and not okay if we don't?

L: No, I didn't say that. I'm talking about Robin Hood.

K: Look at it this way.

L: Which way?

K: Just hold on. I'm getting to it.

L: I'm holding on.

K: We are on a space ship, going toward two planets not far apart.

L: You mean in comparison to most planets being pretty darn far from each other.

K: Right! Get back on the space ship. We are whirling through space, and trying to decide which planet to land on.

L: I want to land on the better planet. Or maybe we should land on the worst planet, because we'd be more needed.

K: The planets are pretty identical, but on one there is a great disparity between rich and poor. And on the other there are an abundance of Robin Hoods... and less disparity. Further, let's agree that great disparity is not good.

L: Where do you want to land?

K: Am I rich or poor?

L: It doesn't matter. You agreed that great disparity is not good.

K: Fine. I guess it doesn't matter if Robin Hood or the IRS has spread out the wealth a little. Though it is creepy to have someone sneaking into our house at night.

L: Fortunately, in this age, Robin Hood sits at a computer and withholds a certain percentage from your income. Your dear jewels won't be touched.

K: Whew! Ok, let's land on the Robin Hoods infested planet. Maybe if there is less disparity there will be less crime and more happiness.

L: Hope so.

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Anonymous said...

Oh K., You are a sly devil, your metaphors, similes or whatever they are,are becoming ever more persuasive and insidious! You may turn me into a Goldwater conservative yet. H.

Joshua, 1980