Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

When I hear "mother" complaints,
or "you're lucky you
have a mother
you can stand" comments,
I wish for just another
moment with my mother,
who left me
more than
ten years ago,
after promising to
live forever.

When she was with us,
we would often take
her for granted,
engrossed in our
own thoughts and lives,
until now,
when we remember
how our mom
was always here
(or there) for us,
on the other end
of the phone line,
for our call.

She couldn't hear
so well, so we'd say
a few things until
she could latch onto
a certain word
or phrase that
she'd understand.
Then she'd
issue a soliloquy
passion and vigor,
when through, would ask,
if we wanted to talk to

If only I could find her number

1 comment:

Unknown said...

I looked at your Mother for a long time today and then read and re-read your "Mother's Day" poem. She is beautiful and your words are too. Thank you. It made me yearn for my own sweet Mother, only 600 miles away and still in this physical world. So I called her for the second time today. I wish you could hear yours through that iphone you have. ---Sharon

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